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Confronting Foul Language: Podar Prep’s Collaborative Solution

by Tatiana

In today’s fast-paced digital age, one challenge many of us face is kids picking up foul language with surprising ease. It’s as if they’re sponges, soaking up everything around them, including the not-so-nice stuff. But here’s the thing: as parents, we play a massive role in what our children absorb and how they communicate. So, the big question is, how can we effectively address and curb the use of foul language? Well, at Podar Prep, recognized as the Best Preschool in Mumbai and a leader of Preschools in India, we’ve crafted a collaborative solution that involves mindful content choices, exemplary behaviour, and consistent correction.

Podar Prep is all about Early Childhood Education, offering enriching Kindergarten Programs that focus on Child Development through Holistic Learning. Our Curriculum for Kids is designed to provide a well-rounded foundation, including essential aspects like Toddler Education with a strong emphasis on the renowned Montessori Approach and Child-Centric Education

Now, let’s dive into how we tackle this issue.

Reason 1: Media – It all starts with the content our children are exposed to. Nowadays, television is a primary source of entertainment and education for kids. But here’s the catch: not all shows are as innocent as they seem. Some seemingly harmless shows, and even cartoons, might sneak in some inappropriate language. As parents, we need to step in as gatekeepers. Let’s carefully screen and choose shows that align with our values and the language standards we want to instil in our kids. By making informed media choices, we ensure our children are exposed to age-appropriate and respectful communication.

Reason 2: The Surrounding Environment – Kids are like little detectives, observing and imitating everything around them, especially at home. To set a positive example, we parents must steer clear of foul language in front of our children. Remember, your words carry immense power in shaping your child’s language and behaviour. By modelling respectful and polite communication, you’re laying down a strong foundation for your child to build upon.

So, How Can We Tackle This?

When you catch your child using foul language, immediate and consistent correction is key. We call it the “power of three.” It involves addressing the issue firmly and consistently every time it crops up. You might wonder how many times you’ll need to do this, but trust me, consistency is the magic ingredient here. By not giving in to your child’s challenge, you show them that this kind of expression just won’t cut it.


In conclusion, at Podar Prep Preschool, we understand how important it is to address foul language collaboratively. We’re all about nurturing academic growth and character development in a learning environment that’s dedicated to Holistic Learning. By encouraging mindful content choices, setting the right example, and staying consistent in our correction, we empower our kids to communicate with respect and effectiveness. As parents and educators, we’re here to guide our children toward a language that truly reflects their best selves.

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